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Dania's love and passion for art began on the shores of Canada’s Georgian Bay. As a small girl she would use a stick and make drawings in the dark wet sands at Cawaja Beach and was fascinated by how a simple line could evoke so many different images and feelings. This was the spark that ignited her life long dedication to art. Throughout the years, Dania's lines have become more expressive and bold colors now combine to create vibrant paintings, giving her art much movement and life. 

Dania was born in Toronto, Canada, of Polish/Spanish Heritage. Living near the Humber River was an incredible solace for her and the memories she has from spending time near the waters often bring  much happiness to her spirit, which, has  always been an adventurous one.  On her sixteenth birthday, as a present to herself,  Dania left home, quit school and hitchhiked across Canada alone, with a knapsack on her back loaded with paints and canvas. She spent  four years on the west coast,  immersing herself in  art.  She also attended the Vancouver School of Art studying painting and sculpture. Upon her return to Toronto, she was accepted at the Ontario College Of Art and received  a grant for her studies. Dania decided to  audit the classes and  spend the tuition money to buy more art supplies! She was never one to be comfortable in an institutional setting, so after a few years, Dania  decided to express her creativity in  her own way which resulted in not conforming to one specific style. This is something that she still adheres to today.  When Dania is  inspired to paint, she tries to capture the true nature, the essence, however that manifests itself creatively. That is  her objective. Everything in the world has its own unique spirit and Dania tries to reflect this in her paintings.

With this as her aim, Dania  has created an interesting collection of works in various styles and mediums while exploring many different themes. The paintings of musicians, the wildly colourful nature paintings, to the portraits of people, Dania's art is a manifestation of her passion. 

Dania's love  of adventure, coupled with  extensive travels throughout Europe, Mexico, Canada and the U.S, have also contributed to shaping her own  creative uniqueness.

Her other interests include Yoga and Tai Chi and is   a strong supporter of human, animal and environmental rights, and often contributes her paintings to charity auctions. She has worked as an art co-ordinater for Youth Without Shelter, setting up and also leading art workshops for homeless, high-risk youth. Dania continues to  teach art programs for children, adults, seniors and people with special needs.

Having had numerous solo and group showings, her works are collected internationally by both the public and private sectors. Dania's art has been featured in films, ads and TV specials. She was the subject of two televised documentaries; CBC's Sunday Arts Entertainment, and Bravo's Talkin'Blues airing in both Canada and the USA. 

Dania lives happily with her wonderfully talented  musician husband Al,  2 cats, Leo and Mickey along with numerous fantastic wild life  on 45 acres of sprawling, rugged terrain at the base of the Canadian Shield. 

Their home is a new design in environmentally sustainable living and is situated beside the scenic Crowe River. 

Dania is tremendously inspired by all of nature’s beauty, the beauty of music and the beauty of life in all it's varied forms. Each day she feels deeply grateful to be living here, for her gift as an artist and to be  able to  paint that which she truly loves.


 Dania welcomes you to her world of art and sincerely  hopes that it will inspire you, and move you to  feel a unique connection in your heart  to this beautiful world and all the magnificent gifts that life has to offer.

Enjoy the journey. Peace.








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